Supply Chain Issues and Fluctuating Prices


DESCRIPTION One of the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic has been very rapid changes in the supply chain, this concerns the delivery of raw materials, parts, and components, all of which are now delivered randomly and at changing prices. So even if this can be handled in logistics, the consequences on price change, working capital, […]

Addressing the new ESG/CSR Agenda

DESCRIPTION Public opinion on how manufacturing companies (or any company for that matter) should be operated, is increasingly influenced by the debate on climate change, Covid-19, CSR, increased globalization, change in energy sources, the UN 17 goals for sustainability and more. Hence, CSR/ESG has been added to the agenda of companies; either to improve on […]

Corporate Branding

DESCRIPTION The company is in a situation where the market is either new (new brand-name, new geographic or product market), is fragmented, or its products are perceived as generic? How does the company position itself when some or more of these characteristics describe the market situation? A concurrent issue is that the market is business-to-business, […]

Corporate Positioning

DESCRIPTION Positioning of the company in the global marketplace – including price, product lines, marketing, and other factors that determine the company’s position – is constantly being challenged by the competitive battlefield. Not only the direct competitors – but clients, suppliers, local governments, etc.? SPECIFIC ISSUES AND KNOWLEDGE NEEDED TO MAKE DECISIONS Can the company […]

Go-To-Market Strategy

DESCRIPTION Increasing demand on being more efficient in meeting the market and the existing development of market demand, new ways introducing and trading company products and services are called for. One such way may be through the more creative use of e-business and more thorough integration with customers and suppliers. This includes an evaluation of […]

Growth In Mature Markets

DESCRIPTION Normally there are a few well-known ways of addressing a mature market such as cost-leadership, a brand strategy, M&A, and R&D. However, in many cases, these known strategies do not suffice to meet the market development, so how does one address a mature market immune to “normal” behavior if you wish to grow your […]

Creating Growth as a World Market Leader

DESCRIPTION As a market leader worldwide in your niche it may be difficult to find ways or areas to grow the company. This growth issue may be furthered if you are servicing some very large customers or your product/service is generic, so the market balance is in the favor of the customers. Getting ideas and […]

Digitalization – as a Supplier

DESCRIPTION Being a supplier of tools and/or services that is a part of the current digital transformation that society and most industries are experiencing, challenges how you as a company must act and think, in order to deliver the “right” hardware or service. This workshop is about giving a better insight and understanding on how, […]

Culture and Organizational Collaboration

DESCRIPTION As a consequence of some major changes in either work processes, company setup and/or market situation, the existing organization is not adequate to meet the challenges the company is facing. Hence, it evident that a new and more collaborative culture is called for. Furthermore, it is also apparent that some new work skills are […]


DESCRIPTION Meeting the requirements of regulatory agencies is no small task, particularly within the pharmaceutical, agricultural, financial, and utility-based industries. Ultimately, there is a tradeoff in the actions taken in regards to regulatory agencies: either be highly compliant, leading to great inefficiencies in operation or be less compliant and risk not only violating regulations but […]