Investing In Startup Companies – VC/BA


DESCRIPTION Investing in startup companies is very different from other investments such as new production facilities, stocks in established companies, or real estate, where the supposedly return on investments (ROI) can readily be calculated. Even if there are several models for investing in startups the choice of investment almost always comes down to faith and […]

Macro Trends

Focus the goal on the horizon

DESCRIPTION Being a truly global corporation involves a current evaluation of global market developments and macro trends that create changes in the markets, either on a regional or a local scale. What are the indicators that successfully reveal such changes, and how do you, as a CEO for a global company, select from amongst all […]

Making Change Happen

Business team stacking hands

DESCRIPTION The company has to complete a change management process, where the outcome of the process will be critical to the company. The dialogue is seen from the perspective of both the corporate management and the subsidiary management. SPECIFIC ISSUES AND KNOWLEGDE NEEDED TO MAKE DECISIONS Communication How does the management successfully communicate – and […]