Investing In Startup Companies – for Corporates

DESCRIPTION Investing in startup and early-stage companies as a chosen strategy to quickly and/or alternatively get new products or services or to launch R&D projects, without setting up an internal team might be some of the arguments for looking at these companies for investment. However, it is not without challenges to investing in startup companies, […]

M&A – Acquisitions

DESCRIPTION This topic is about navigating through obstacles, and in the end, having a successful acquisition that improves total company performance. It isn’t necessarily easy being in a situation where the purchase of a supplementing company may be an answer, as a way to either create growth, access new markets or customers, add to the […]

Investing In Startup Companies – VC/BA


DESCRIPTION Investing in startup companies is very different from other investments such as new production facilities, stocks in established companies, or real estate, where the supposedly return on investments (ROI) can readily be calculated. Even if there are several models for investing in startups the choice of investment almost always comes down to faith and […]

Corporate Incentive Programs

Business team stacking hands

DESCRIPTION As part of securing the company’s values and/or strategy for (foreign) subsidiaries, the company has an incentives program that is partly tied to stocks and wage, but also other motivational aspects. Unfortunately, these programs do not fully work as intended, as one or more management groups in the subsidiaries act to optimize personal gain […]

Making Change Happen

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DESCRIPTION The company has to complete a change management process, where the outcome of the process will be critical to the company. The dialogue is seen from the perspective of both the corporate management and the subsidiary management. SPECIFIC ISSUES AND KNOWLEGDE NEEDED TO MAKE DECISIONS Communication How does the management successfully communicate – and […]