India: (Still?) An Emerging Market

Close up picture of Indian rupee

DESCRIPTION With a real GDP rate growth of 4-7% 2015-2020 is India still a market worthwhile, and can it be considered an emerging market as a prospect or to have already invested in India. Although on one hand India is accepted as a very attractive market, there are several challenges that pose high barriers for […]

Post Merger Integration


DESCRIPTION After a merger or an acquisition, there is the (often tedious) process of integrating the organizations involved, their different cultures and work processes, and bringing one unified company out on the other side of this integration that works efficiently towards a common agreed mission. Also, bringing companies together has been made with a plan […]

China: Possibilities and Threats

Guangzhou, China

DESCRIPTION China has for a long period looked like a great opportunity both concerning market entry and as a place for low-cost manufacturing. However, even if this is still correct, there are several drawbacks such as corruption, illegal copying, difficult market penetration, costly distribution, and more. This calls for a thorough understanding of China and […]

Investing In Startup Companies – VC/BA


DESCRIPTION Investing in startup companies is very different from other investments such as new production facilities, stocks in established companies, or real estate, where the supposedly return on investments (ROI) can readily be calculated. Even if there are several models for investing in startups the choice of investment almost always comes down to faith and […]

Corporate Incentive Programs

Business team stacking hands

DESCRIPTION As part of securing the company’s values and/or strategy for (foreign) subsidiaries, the company has an incentives program that is partly tied to stocks and wage, but also other motivational aspects. Unfortunately, these programs do not fully work as intended, as one or more management groups in the subsidiaries act to optimize personal gain […]