Brand Smashing


DESCRIPTION The options for differentiated brand building is slowly slipping up, and it is forcing you to think of alternatives. With the myriad of brand logos trying to stand out of the crowd but creating brand confusion for the consumer, it is crucial not to be dependent on your brand logo alone. Stemming from the […]

Product (Category) Portfolio Management

Business people analyzing many charts

DESCRIPTION Creating the optimal category mix is increasingly important for the business. On one hand, extending the product portfolio can jeopardize the focus on the existing core business. On this note, if we are moving into new markets, which we do not necessarily have extensive knowledge about, can we risk that our efforts are too […]

Post Merger Integration


DESCRIPTION After a merger or an acquisition, there is the (often tedious) process of integrating the organizations involved, their different cultures and work processes, and bringing one unified company out on the other side of this integration that works efficiently towards a common agreed mission. Also, bringing companies together has been made with a plan […]

Business Process Efficiency

Businessman with Mobile Devices

DESCRIPTION In current times, businesses are facing competition. Consequently, it is crucial to tighten the business processes to a level of efficiency that supports the pursuit of competitive and profitable performance. Lean is one of the methods often resorted to, while BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is a way for organizations to focus on core competencies. […]

Corporate Incentive Programs

Business team stacking hands

DESCRIPTION As part of securing the company’s values and/or strategy for (foreign) subsidiaries, the company has an incentives program that is partly tied to stocks and wage, but also other motivational aspects. Unfortunately, these programs do not fully work as intended, as one or more management groups in the subsidiaries act to optimize personal gain […]