Employee attraction and retention

Happy businessman and employees high fiving in a factory

DESCRIPTION It has become increasingly complex to attract either young or specialized professional candidates because of other factors than salary or different kinds of financial compensation. Increasingly company ESG profile/brand, company product, access to leisure time, work location, and similar less tangible factors have become important to attract and retain employees.Because of this change in […]

Ways to Address a Possible Recession

upset businessman holding credit cards while standing near flipchart with graphs showing recession

DESCRIPTION As the world economy has changed radically in the last + 1 year, where a shortage of products, raw materials, and energy, together with a challenging supply chain situation has sent inflation to a level not seen in 40 years. All these factors have given us reason to believe in a very likely recession […]

Addressing the new ESG/CSR Agenda

DESCRIPTION Public opinion on how manufacturing companies (or any company for that matter) should be operated, is increasingly influenced by the debate on climate change, Covid-19, CSR, increased globalization, change in energy sources, the UN 17 goals for sustainability and more. Hence, CSR/ESG has been added to the agenda of companies; either to improve on […]

Board vs Management

DESCRIPTION The role of the company board has been challenged in the last decade as it has become ever more apparent that the passive board with little or no interest in company performance, is problematic for the company at all levels (legal, professional, and strategic). Derived from this supposedly new role of the board is […]