Russia & Eastern Europe

The Kremlin, Moscow

DESCRIPTION Russia’s long period of sturdy growth came to an end around 2009. However, today the question is if Russia is worthwhile or if this is just too complicated. Over-regulation, political circumstances, deteriorating infrastructure, bureaucracy, high level of illegal trade, widespread corruption, and bad relations to other countries (particularly Western) are inhibiting the Russian market. […]

Brand Smashing


DESCRIPTION The options for differentiated brand building is slowly slipping up, and it is forcing you to think of alternatives. With the myriad of brand logos trying to stand out of the crowd but creating brand confusion for the consumer, it is crucial not to be dependent on your brand logo alone. Stemming from the […]

Product (Category) Portfolio Management

Business people analyzing many charts

DESCRIPTION Creating the optimal category mix is increasingly important for the business. On one hand, extending the product portfolio can jeopardize the focus on the existing core business. On this note, if we are moving into new markets, which we do not necessarily have extensive knowledge about, can we risk that our efforts are too […]

India: (Still?) An Emerging Market

Close up picture of Indian rupee

DESCRIPTION With a real GDP rate growth of 4-7% 2015-2020 is India still a market worthwhile, and can it be considered an emerging market as a prospect or to have already invested in India. Although on one hand India is accepted as a very attractive market, there are several challenges that pose high barriers for […]

Redefining the Go-To Market and Strategic Position

Portrait of a hipster farmer holding box of fruit lift up to the car to go market for sell.

DESCRIPTION Increasing demand on being more efficient in meeting the market and the existing development of market demand, new ways introducing and trading company products and services are called for. One such way may be through the more creative use of e-business and more thorough integration with customers and suppliers. This includes an evaluation of […]

China: Possibilities and Threats

Guangzhou, China

DESCRIPTION China has for a long period looked like a great opportunity both concerning market entry and as a place for low-cost manufacturing. However, even if this is still correct, there are several drawbacks such as corruption, illegal copying, difficult market penetration, costly distribution, and more. This calls for a thorough understanding of China and […]

Macro Trends

Focus the goal on the horizon

DESCRIPTION Being a truly global corporation involves a current evaluation of global market developments and macro trends that create changes in the markets, either on a regional or a local scale. What are the indicators that successfully reveal such changes, and how do you, as a CEO for a global company, select from amongst all […]